13 Days in Vietnam on a Budget

13 Days in Vietnam on a Budget

Honestly, this video wasn’t even supposed to exist.

We came here with the intention of making a 3 days in Hanoi and Saigon, ya know covering the capital and the biggest city, but as soon as we got here, we looked at each other and decided that obviously we gotta take a crazy trip all the way across this country and see the whole darn thing from top to bottom.

That’s the thing about Vietnam – it just sucks you in, there’s no fighting it.

We’ve got our usual $100 USD per day budget, and our adventure starts in Hanoi. We’re going to be taking trains and boats and smaller boats and motorbikes and whatever else we can find as we work our way down to Saigon over the next 2-ish-weeks.
Credit to : Lisa and Josh

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