Bali’s Love-Hate Relationship With Tourism On Indonesian Island Paradise

Bali’s Love-Hate Relationship With Tourism On Indonesian Island Paradise | Insight | Full Episode

Last May, then-Bali Governor Wayan Koster mooted a cap on the number of tourists to the island. It follows a January proposal to ban activities on Bali’s sacred mountains, a ban that was put in place in June. But just four months later, the mountain ban was reversed, and talks of a visitor cap vanished. Instead, the island surpassed tourist targets for 2023.

While some welcomed vacationers as Bali recovers from the pandemic, others are fed up with tourists behaving badly. What is behind the island paradise’s love-hate relationship with tourism, and what does it have to do with the island’s history?

00:00 Introduction
02:36 Task force to manage unruly tourists in Bali
06:29 How much does tourism matter to Bali?
08:59 How over-development is changing Canggu’s landscape
11:35 Why does Bali attract foreign visitors?
15:54 What Bali’s dark history has to do with tourism
19:14 Does tourism benefit Balinese women?
22:50 Why rice fields are disappearing in Bali
28:45 Struggle to preserve environment and culture
35:05 Bali’s over-reliance on tourism exposed
38:03 New guidelines to save Bali from mass tourism
41:55 Local communities protect culture, environment


Credit to : CNA Insider

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